Photonic knowledge competition – Terms

Term and Conditions
§ 1. General remarks
1. The organizer of the “Photonic knowledge competition” (hereinafter: “Competition”) is Wave General with registered at 1/535 Żeromskiego Street, 01-887 Warsaw (hereinafter: “Organizer”).
2. The competition will be carried out on social networks:
2.1. (hereinafter the “Facebook Website”) on the WaveJobs fanpage, located at (hereinafter: “Facebook Fanpage”).
2.2. (hereinafter the “LinkedIn Website”) on the WaveJobs fanpage, located at (hereinafter: “LinkedIn Fanpage”)
3. The Organizer declares that the Competition is in no way sponsored, supported, administered or organized by the Facebook Website and the LinkedIn Website.
4. The competition is organized on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
§ 2. Conditions of participation
1. Only adult natural persons with full legal capacity may participate in the Competition,
2. They have read and accepted the content of the Competition Regulations available on the website
3. They have access to the Internet and an active e-mail account
4. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.
5. Employees of the Organizer and the closest members of their families, i.e. descendants, siblings, spouses, parents of spouses and persons with an adoption relationship may not participate in the Competition.
6. In order to take part in the Competition, the Participant must meet the following conditions:
6.1. have a profile on the Facebook website (if the Contest Participant does not yet have a profile on the Facebook website, registration on the Facebook website is required via the home page at, set up and maintained in accordance with the regulations of the social networking website Facebook .
6.2. By participating in the Competition, you can only use one profile on the Facebook Website. Have the status of a Fanpage fan (by clicking the “Like!” Button on Facebook).
6.3. have a profile on the LinkedIn Website (if the Contest Participant does not yet have a profile on the LinkedIn Website, registration on the Website is required via the home page at, established and maintained in accordance with the regulations of the LinkedIn Social Website.
6.4. Only one LinkedIn profile may be used by participating in the Contest. Have the status of a Fanpage fan (by clicking the “Follow” button on Facebook).
6.5. Perform the competition task referred to in § 3 sec. 1 of the Regulations.
6.6. The above conditions should be met cumulatively.
§ 3. Course of the Competition
1. On July 5, 2021 after 1 p.m., the Organizer will publish the following competition task in the post on the Fanpage: “Select the answers that you think are correct”
2. The prizes will be awarded to one Participant who responds to the post within the time specified in section 5 of this section, the answers will be in accordance with the key prepared by the organizers, he will answer all questions as the first among the participants.
3. When making decisions, the organizer is guided by a subjective assessment of the correctness of the answers based on the criterion of compliance with industry knowledge.
4. Responses to the competition question should be free of profanity and content commonly considered offensive, as well as content of a pornographic nature or that may offend the feelings or beliefs of other people, or violate the rights of third parties (including in particular personal rights and copyrights) .
5. The competition starts on July 5, 2021 after 13:00 and ends on July 18, 2021 at 23:59. The results of the Competition will be announced on July 25, 2021 between 12:00 and 17:00 on the Organiser’s Fanpage on Facebook and LinkedIn.
§ 4. Prizes
1. Prizes in the Competition will be awarded to one person who will answer all the questions in the survey correctly as the first participant.
2. The prize in the Competition is a mug with the WaveJobs logo.
3. The Winner is not entitled to exchange the Prize for cash or any other type of prize.
4. The winners will be informed about winning the Prize by means of a comment and will be asked to send their contact details in a private message on the Organizer’s Fanpage.
5. If the Winner does not reply within 3 days from the announcement of the results, the Competition Organizer may transfer the Prize to another Competition Participant.
6. The prizes will be sent to the Winner by post or courier.
7. The organizer funds an additional cash prize, which will be allocated to cover the tax resulting from fiscal obligations. This prize will not be paid to the winner but will go towards the tax payment.
8. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the participation in the Contest Participants, and in extreme cases to block the participation in the Contest of those Participants who violate the provisions of these Regulations, in particular:
a) take part in the Competition using a fictitious account at or
b) take part in the Competition using more than one account on the Facebook and LinkedIn social networks,
c) conduct activities that are against the law, with good morals, and in particular when they compromise the interests of third parties with their behavior,
d) carry out activities that are reasonably supposed to lead to attempts to circumvent the Regulations or the safeguards and rules of the Competition,
e) conduct activities that violate the legitimate interests of the Organizer or harm its image,
f) use scripts or software that automates navigating the Facebook and LinkedIn social networks,
g) use materials (content) that infringe any rights of third parties or entities, in particular such as personal rights or copyrights of these persons or entities.
§ 5. Personal data
1. Personal data of Participants will be processed in accordance with the conditions set out in the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926) solely for the purpose of conducting the Competition and publishing Awards. After issuing the Prizes, personal data will be deleted immediately.
2. The Organizer is the administrator of personal data.
3. The administrator will process the following personal data of the Winners that will be used to issue the prizes: name, surname, e-mail address, home address, contact telephone number
§ 6. Complaints
1. Complaints regarding matters related to the Competition should be submitted via a private message on the Fanpage throughout the duration of the Competition or within 30 days after the end of the Competition.
2. Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of sending the message with the complaint.
3. The person submitting the complaint will be informed about the result of its consideration via a private message on Facebook or linkedIn.
§ 6. Final provisions
1.The Regulations are available on the Fanpage, and are also available for viewing at the Organiser’s office.
2. All information about the Competition contained in any promotional and advertising materials is only of an auxiliary nature, while the scope of the Participants’ and Organizer’s rights is regulated and assessed on the basis of the provisions of these Regulations.
3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
4. The Organizer declares that the Competition is not a game of chance, a raffle lottery, a mutual bet, a promotional lottery, a game whose result depends on the case, or any other form provided for in the Act of November 19, 2009 on gambling (Journal of Laws No. 2009.201.1540 as amended).
5. The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Regulations at any time without giving any reason, if it does not affect the acquired rights of the Participants.
6. The Organizer shall not be liable for the participant providing incorrect, incomplete or untrue data, e-mail or telephone number or other data preventing or delaying the awarding of the Prize by the Organizer or giving rise to liability for damages. In the event of violation of the rights of third parties, the Participant undertakes to release the Organizer from liability for the violation of these rights.
7. The Regulations come into force on the day of the Competition commencement.